Jim WestJFW Consulting, LLC has earned a solid reputation as an expert in project recovery, rescue and completion; reevaluating a project, solving problems and turning it around as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We can also lead dispute resolution or claim defense and assist the client’s team or legal counsel by performing discrete tasks as identified by the client. We can assist in settlement negotiations as a precursor to formal dispute processes and, if necessary, we can provide expert witness services during mediation, arbitration, or litigation in the event that a negotiated settlement is not reached.

In 2012, after 33+ years in construction project management, James F. West started JFW Consulting, LLC, with the goal of assisting project owners resolve construction issues irrespective of size and complexity.

In his many years of project experience, he has managed projects ranging from $1 million to over $750 million.  He combines knowledge of construction management and what it takes to make projects successful.  He also has the knowledge of the legal process, with extensive experience in construction dispute resolution and avoidance, thereby allowing for quick assessment of issues resulting in time and cost savings.